Retiring CardValet

in Sep 27, 2022

Hello Members! There is an important update about our CardValet service that you will need to know if you want to continue to enjoy all of the features CardValet offers. Click “Read More” to read the update.

On September 27th, the stand-alone CardValet app will no longer function for Four Seasons FCU members. However, we are not removing your ability to control your debit card.

If you would like to continue to use all the great features CardValet offered, or if you’re a new member and want to take control of your debit card, simply download and install the NexGen Mobile Banking App today! All of CardValet’s features have been integrated into the new “Cards” tab of your NexGen Mobile Banking App, and if you had CardValet your information has been migrated as well.

If you already have the NexGen Mobile Banking App, or you are a new member and would like to install the NexGen Mobile Banking App, please click these links to download and install the latest version of the NexGen Mobile Banking App today.

Download for iPhone and iPad

Download for Android devices