Scam Alert – Publisher’s Clearing House Scam

in Jun 14, 2022

We have been made aware of a new scam directly targeting Four Seasons FCU members. Click “Read More” to learn about this new scam.

Typically, this scam starts with a phone call pretending to be Publisher’s Clearing House stating that you won their jackpot, but you need to pay them a large sum of money as well as provide your account details, social security number, and other identifying information. This call will also be followed by another call claiming to be from Four Seasons FCU, stating that you have a large, multi-million dollar payment waiting and that you just need to confirm your account details to allow the deposit to go through.

This is a scam. At no point will Four Seasons FCU staff ask you to provide your account and routing number to allow a deposit to go through. By cooperating with these scammers, you are opening yourself up to identity theft and the theft of your money. Do not cooperate with these scammers – hang up on them and block them immediately. We have not suffered a security breach at this time; your personal, private information has not been compromised.

If you have already handed over information to these scammers, please visit a branch location or call us as soon as possible at (334) 745-4711 so that we can protect your account and your identity to the best of our ability.

Four Seasons FCU Staff