January 2023: Scam Notice

in Jan 31, 2023

It has come to our attention that there is an individual who is sending fraudulent text messages pretending to be our CEO, Arthur Lehman, asking you to let him know you received the text and stating that he is in a conference meeting at the moment and can’t talk, but needs you to get something done for him. This is a fraudulent text message. We encourage you to block this individual and to delete the message from your phone. No member of our Executive Team, Board of Directors, or Supervisory Committee will contact you via text message to discuss information about your account at Four Seasons FCU. We will always call you or mail a letter to your address if there is an issue that we need to discuss, and we will more than likely also ask you to visit a branch location so we can discuss the issue in person.

Once again, we ask that you disregard the individual fraudulently posing as our CEO. Do not reply or call this individual. We encourage you to report this text message to Four Seasons FCU staff, to your phone carrier, and to local and federal law enforcement agencies.

These carriers are the most common mobile carriers in use around the Lee County, Alabama area. Your carrier may not be listed.