January 2024: Scam Notice

in Feb 22, 2024

It has come to our attention that there is are individuals pretending to our fraud department. The individuals are claiming that your mobile phone has been hacked and that they need to obtain access to your phone to correct the problem. The individuals are also constantly calling and using a spoofed caller ID to make calls appear they are originating from us.

These calls are fraudulent. Four Seasons FCU does not have the ability to assess the health of your mobile phone, nor will we request access to your phone or computer to resolve issues unless you are sitting in one of our branch offices with a Member Service Representative.

We ask that you disregard these calls. Do not reply or call this individual. We encourage you to report these calls to Four Seasons FCU staff, to your phone carrier, and to local and federal law enforcement agencies.

These carriers are the most common mobile carriers in use around the Lee County, Alabama area. Your carrier may not be listed.