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Savings Accounts

Ever heard the old saying “no two snowflakes are alike?” Here at Four Seasons FCU we recognize that no two members will have the exact same needs, so we offer a variety of Savings Accounts to fit all your needs, big and small – there’s something here for everyone!

Savings Account
Our Savings account is the cornerstone of your membership here at our credit union. This account can be opened with as little as $5.00, and this minimum must be maintained at all times. Four Seasons FCU makes saving money a breeze with account services such as FREE Payroll Deduction, FREE Direct Deposit, and FREE Automatic Transfers between accounts.
Secondary Savings
With our Secondary Savings Account, you can easily save for that next vacation, that new big-ticket item, or simply just have another account to store your money for organizational purposes. This account offers the same great benefits as our Savings account.
Premium Savings
Our Premium Savings account is similar to a money market savings account. While this account does have a $2,500.00 minimum balance requirement, it earns a higher dividend rate than our Savings account.
Christmas Club
A special account that allows our members to prepare for the holiday season. Deposits can be made over the counter, by payroll deduction, or with our in-house automatic transfer system. Dividends are compounded and credited annually on October 31st of each calendar year.
certificate accounts
Four Seasons FCU offers Step-up, Regular, and Jumbo Certificate Accounts for your savings needs. Our Certificates have terms as short as 6 months and as long as 5 years. Enjoy great market-competitive rates and the peace of mind knowing that your money is secure. Ask us for more details!
IRA Savings
With our IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Savings Account, you can easily save for retirement while receiving market-competitive rates on your account. IRA Savings Accounts could allow you income tax advantages while you grow your retirement nest egg. Our IRA Savings Accounts can be setup as either a Traditional or a Roth account, and we can also accept your direct transfers or rollovers from other qualified retirement plans.
IRA Certificate
Four Seasons FCU offers Traditional and Roth IRA Certificates for your long-term savings needs. Just like our IRA Savings Accounts, our IRA Certificates could also allow you income tax advantages. Whether you are making a rollover or direct transfer from another financial institution or qualified retirement plan, or whether you would like to set up a brand new IRA, Four Seasons FCU is here to accommodate your needs and give you the expertise you can count on. For individuals who need a more flexible certificate, try our Easy Access IRA Certificate Account that lets you make up to one withdrawal per month without penalties! Ask for more details!