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Keeping Safe

It's dangerous to go alone - take this! The bad guys are out there, and you want to keep your money safe. Check out these simple, no-nonsense tips from Four Seasons FCU to keep yourself and your money safe.

So you’re at an ATM or a gas pump you’re not familiar with. Before you insert your card, check for these things:

  • Gently pull on the card swipe. Card skimmers will usually pull off.
  • Look for loose-fitting number pads. Some thieves attach a fake PIN pad to the ATM so they can steal your PIN.
  • Look for pinhole cameras near the number pad. Other thieves will attach a video camera to the pump or ATM so they can steal your PIN that way.

If you find any of these things or anything else suspicious, even if it’s at a place you’ve always gone to, don’t insert your card – call the police immediately!

We all love to buy things online, don’t we? It’s just so much more convenient than having to get up and go to the store! But sometimes, thieves will set up fake online sites that pretend to be the real deal – only to steal your card information and your money.

Fortunately, all major web browsers have simple, easy to understand ways of telling you if a website is legitimate or not. Check out this article from the leaders in website encryption technology to better understand how you can be safe when shopping online.

So you just got an email from that cousin you haven’t heard from in seven years, or an email from your financial institution asking you to “log in” and confirm… something about your account. Stop! Before you click on any links or respond to that email, check out these important tips to see if that email is truly legit.

  • Urgent email with few details. If an email urges you to log into an account but keeps quiet about why, it’s probably fake. Call the company and make sure it’s legit before you log in.
  • The From name is right, but the address is wrong. Just because the From field has the right name doesn’t mean the email is legit – if the From address is something you’ve never heard of, or features a common email service like Gmail or Outlook, it’s not real.
  • The link you are given looks weird. For example, if you get an email sending you over to “,” that’s not legit – Four Seasons FCU will always be at

Want to know more about phishing? Check out Google’s Phishing Quiz.