How to Recover Your NexGen Username & Password

in Jun 08, 2021

How to Reset Your Password

If you’ve forgotten your NexGen Online Banking password, you can reset it yourself. You’ll need a desktop PC or laptop computer as this cannot be done from the NexGen Mobile App.

Under the password box on the right side is a link that says “Forgot password?”

Screenshot showing the Online Banking login page.

Once you click on this link, you’ll be asked to provide your account’s username.

Screenshot showing the Reset Password page, asking for your User ID.

Once you confirm your account’s username, you’ll then be asked to either provide a verification code from a phone call or a text message, or to answer your security questions depending on what your preferences are.

If you’ve forgotten your security questions, or have an old phone number registered to your account, you’ll need to call us so we can help you get back into your account and get your information updated.